SDL_WM_SetIcon() in X11

Hi all,

I use the SDL_WM_SetIcon() call to set a .bmp file as the window’s icon
and find kind of strange results in X11:

Most window managers show the icon correctly (e.g. kwin, metacity, …)
but fvwm does not. I compared the output of xprops for my window to some
that correctly show an icon in fvwm and found that they have a property
where xprops can display an ascii-art representation of the icon, my own
window does not…

So, there are obviously multiple methods of setting icon hints on X11
windows? Is there a way in SDL to set a hint that fvwm understands? Or
would I have to code it myself (and if so, does anybody know a good
source of information to read)? I already have a special code path for
win32 using an embedded ICO resource instead of calling SDL_WM_SetIcon().

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