SDL + XFree86 4.0

I can’t vouch for the new NVidia drivers, (tell you what: if I get more
money, I’ll buy a GeForce ;-)) but I will say, just to allay any fears, that
XFree86 4.0 and SDL work beautifully. And DRI with my Voodoo3 screams.
DGA 2.0 seems to work as well (AFAICT); don’t know how to test XvImage.

My one concern, Sam, is that the testgl example should link against the math
library since requires that you do and doesn’t seem to normally.
However, this may just be my stupid system configuration :slight_smile: The other
thought that I had was that it might be a VERY wise idea to add some sort of
flag, either @ Compile Time or as an environment variable, which prints
debugging information or some sort of initialization log (i.e. to indicate
"Yes, we ARE using DGA 2.0" or not… simply for debugging and system test
purposes) as Logging Is Good.