i am starting a port of my game (a variant) for the iphone.
The game uses OpenGL (very basic 2d APIs) and SDL (SDL , SDL_Image, and SDL_Mixer)

Shall i get rid of SDL, and only use EAGLview and opengl ES, and change mouse event capture etc
Or shall i use some SDL port for Iphone?

I am asking because i see lot of post about sdl and iphone but i dont really understand them. nobody really pointed out a snapshot or some package with the source code of the port.
Actually i am even not sure there is such a port accessible from the official HG repository?

Thanks a lot.

You can try download SDL 1.3 snapshot from As far as I know, there’s some issues with input in current revision, so I’m not recommend cloning source from hg repository.
You should find some code examples in /Xcode-IphoneOS/Demos/ directory.
As for SDL_Mixer, there is awesome guide how to compile it:

But… If you are planning to do something more serious, better start looking at iPhones’s objective-C API (imho).