[SDL1] - JeZxLee's "Pixel Artist 2" Beta1 Open-Sou

[size=24:bbb9cfc631][SDL1] - JeZ+Lee’s “Pixel Artist 2” Beta1 Open-Source![/size:bbb9cfc631]


My team and I are proud to announce the Beta1 release of our new SDL1 game: “Pixel Artist 2”.
Game is 100% open-source cross-platform and runs on ANY Windws® or Linux desktop or notebook.
(MakeFile is included to build game on any Linux O.S.)

Game Idea is 100% unique and not copied from any other video game ever made.

Click below URL link to download the complete project with source code:

At the conclusion of Beta testing the game will be ported to Google Android O.S. smartphones and tablets
using licensed YoYo Games “GameMaker: Studio”.

Please help test our new game!

Some Screenshots:


We’ve begun the porting to Google Android O.S. devices using YoYo Games “GameMaker: Studio”!
It should be done by the end of this week…