sdl12-compat: README: Add some basic documentation for the config options we support

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 we support

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+# Configuration options:
+sdl12-compat has a number of configuration options which can be used to work
+around issues with individual applications, or to better fit your system or
+These options are all specified as environment variables, and can be set by
+running your application with them set on the command-line, for example:
+will run ``%command%`` with high-dpi monitor support enabled, but OpenGL
+scaling support disabled.
+The available options are:
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_DEBUG_LOGGING`` — if enabled, print debugging messages to
+  ``stderr``. These messages are mostly useful to developers, or if trying to
+  track down a specific bug.
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_FAKE_CDROM_PATH`` — a path to a directory containing MP3 files
+  (named trackXX.mp3, where XX is a two-digit track number) to be used by
+  applications which play CD audio.
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_OPENGL_SCALING`` — enables scaling of OpenGL applications to
+  the current desktop resolution. If disabled, applications can change the
+  real screen resolution. This option is enabled by default, but not all
+  applications are compatible with it: try changing this if you can only see
+  a black screen.
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_SYNC_TO_VBLANK`` — force the application to sync (or not sync)
+  to the vertical blanking interval (VSync). When enabled, this will cap the
+  application's framerate to the screen's refresh rate (and may resolve issues
+  with screen tearing).
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_SCALE_METHOD`` — choose the scaling method used when
+  applications render at a non-native resolution. The options are ``nearest``,
+  for nearest-neighbour sampling (more pixelated) and ``linear`` for bilinear
+  sampling (blurrier).
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_HIGHDPI`` — advertise the application as supporting high-DPI
+  displays. Enabling this will usually result in sharper graphics, but on some
+  applications text and other elements may become very small.
+- ``SDL12COMPAT_USE_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT`` — make all keyboard input take the current
+  keyboard layout into account. This may need to be disabled for applications
+  which provide their own keyboard layout support, or if the position of the
+  keys on the keyboard is more important than the character they produce. Note
+  that text input (in most applications) will take the keyboard layout into
+  account regardless of this option.
+- ``SDL_MOUSE_RELATIVE_SCALING`` — if enabled, relative mouse motion is scaled
+  when the application is running at a non-native resolution. This may be
+  required with some applications which use their own mouse cursors. See also