sdl12-compat: README: add some notes on building the library

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+# Building the library:
+These are quick-start instructions; there isn't anything out of the ordinary
+here if you're used to using CMake. 
+You'll need to use CMake to build sdl12-compat. Download at
+[]( or install from your package manager
+(`sudo apt-get install cmake` on Ubuntu, etc).
+Please refer to the [CMake documentation](
+for complete details, as platform and build tool details vary.
+Now just point CMake at sdl12-compat's directory. Here's a command-line
+cd sdl12-compat
+cmake -Bbuild -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .
+cmake --build build
+On Windows or macOS, you might prefer to use CMake's GUI, but it's the same
+idea: give it the directory where sdl12-compat is located, click "Configure,"
+choose your favorite compiler, then click "Generate." Then you can build
+however you like with Visual Studio, Xcode, etc.
+When the build is complete, you'll have a shared library you can drop in
+as a replacement for an existing SDL 1.2 build. This will also build
+the original SDL 1.2 test apps, so you can verify the library is working.
 # Configuration options:
 sdl12-compat has a number of configuration options which can be used to work