SDL2 and Angle - vertical synchronization

Hey guys

I did give it a try with Angle project and SDL2 and it works like a charm, but my frames per second are always synchronized with the monitor and SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval does not do anything. The synchronization works fine in normal OpenGL mode though (without Angle). Does anyone know what might be the problem?

Just found this in the source code:

WIN_GLES_SetSwapInterval(_THIS, int interval)
/* FIXME: This should call SDL_EGL_SetSwapInterval, but ANGLE has a bug that prevents this
* from working if we do (the window contents freeze and don’t swap properly). So, we ignore
* the request for now.
SDL_Log(“WARNING: Ignoring SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval call due to ANGLE bug”);
return 0;

As far as I can tell this bug does not occur with some newer libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll from Opera. However, it does happen on older dlls.