SDL2-"Garry Kitchen's GameMaker 2"-Constant Request For Feedback!


We are working on a sequel to my all time favorite application:
“Garry Kitchen’s GameMaker” for the Commodore 64.
(it’s a very simple game creation IDE)

Application builds and runs on Windows® and Linux.
(the only dependency is SDL2 and there is a makefile included to build on any Linux)

NOTE: This is a just started work-in-progress…don’t expect too much :slight_smile:

We will be updating this thread posting as production progresses.
Please post complaints and suggestions to this forum thread.
This is our most ambitious project to date so don’t expect a beta for at least 6-12 months…



If you are unfamiliar with this superb game creation IDE then please check out the wiki below:

You can download the current entire project below on GitHub:

Here is a screenshot:

That’s quite awesome.