SDL2_mixer 2.0.2 PRERELEASE!

SDL_mixer has been updated for the upcoming 2.0.7 release.

Much of the code has changed, and it has been updated with new audio libraries, so please check it out and let us know if there are problems before release:

Please report any issues or regressions to bugzilla:


  • Implemented 24-bit and surround sound support for FLAC audio files
  • Updated external libraries flac-1.3.2, libmodplug-, libogg-1.3.2 and libvorbis-1.3.5
  • Updated for SDL 2.0.6 and newer
  • Added support for MP3 playback using mpg123
  • Added support for UWP / Windows 10 apps
  • Added Mix_OpenAudioDevice() so you can specify the audio device to open


This has been released!

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MIX_INIT_MODPLUG is now undefined?

I’m also getting error “Couldn’t open C:\TIMIDITY\/etc/timidity/freepots.cfg”

You should use MIX_INIT_MOD, since SDL_mixer may be built with any combination of MOD player backends.

The error you’re seeing shouldn’t matter if you’re not initializing MIDI, although it may be masking another error if the init isn’t succeeding. I’ll fix that, thanks!

The timiditry cfg error message seems to be set by Mix_OpenAudio() when no midi stuff is requested; you’ve probably solved that now :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed Mix_ChannelFinished() and Mix_HookMusicFinished() have stopped working in the new version? The call-backs only seem to be triggered when a channel is halted. Call-backs don’t trigger when a sound effect finishes playing or a new music file is played.

^ scratch that, it was something I was doing wrong. All seems to be working great, good job!


Can you check this commit and see if that takes care of the initialization issues you were seeing?