SDL2_Mixer on OSX problems, smpeg looking for SDL.framework

I am using SDL2.framework and SDL2_mixer framework built from hg from
about 1-2 months ago. (Not sure if I have the fluidsynth patches, but
I have the others). When running a compiled program, smpeg is looking
for SDL.framework on the rpath.

Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: @rpath/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL
Referenced from:
Reason: image not found

SDL2.framework [6302?] and SDL2_mixer [Dated Feb5] framework were
compiled via XCode on OSX SnowLepard.
my project was compiled on linux, using the toolchain noted at (I
should update those notes…)–
Nathan Coulson (conathan)

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Timezone: PST (-8)