[SDL2_mixer | Ubuntu 14.04] Can't seem to build with MOD

Hi, I’m having trouble building SDL2_mixer with full support. ./configure doesn’t report anything missing or disabled. I have all of the dev libraries and dependencies installed for flac, smpeg, ogg, modplug, mikmod, etc., but when I try to compile a program that tries to initialize MIX_INIT_MOD it tells me that Mixer wasn’t built with MOD timidity support.

The other flags work - MP3 and FLAC - just not MOD (which is the only one I really want so I can use my Milkytracker .xm's).  I put the timidity GUS patches in /etc/timidity/ which seems ok since one of the files in sdl2_mixer points to that directory.  I honestly can't think of what it could and I've spent all day for what might be the problem.

I'd really appreciate some help, thanks.