SDL2_net with iOS 16

Hi there. I am experiencing some problems with my application for iOS after iPad’s generation 10th has been launched (iOS 16).

I am using SDL2_net, static library built with Xcode project. In the new iOS version, SDLNet_UDP_Send(UDPsocket sock, **int** channel, UDPpacket *packet) stopped working when broadcasting. With single target sending it does work, when broadcasting on the subnet range works as well, but with ip just happens to fail.

Anyone else having this issue?

Many thanks.

I wasn’t aware of a problem, but now you’ve alerted me to it yes - it looks like UDP broadcast isn’t working here either on iOS 16. That’s nasty, I hope it can be resolved.

Do you have reason to suspect the issue is in SDL2_net or might it be iOS at fault?

Looks like this may well be the cause: applications now need the permission to broadcast.

Thanks a lot for pointing that, it seems indeed that might be the reason!

I sent a request for it, will let you know if that fixes the problem.

Thanks again!

I did forget to mention it did, in fact, solve the issue :slight_smile: