SDL2 on raspberry: mouse displayed at 0,0 after SDL_ShowCursor

Hello all,

I have a problem with the SDL_ShowCursor method on Raspberry.

Depending on the context, my application hides or show the mouse cursor with SDL_ShowCursor.
But when calling SDL_ShowCursor(true), the cursor is displayed at 0,0 (and not at last position).

After debugging sources by myself, it seems that the problem is in SDL_rpimouse.c - RPI_ShowCursor:

vc_dispmanx_rect_set( &dst_rect, 0, 0, curdata->w, curdata->h);
should be
vc_dispmanx_rect_set( &dst_rect, mouse->x, mouse->y, curdata->w, curdata->h);

For me, it solves the problem.