SDL2 Open-Source Cross-Platform LettersFall 5 Updated!


Been messing with Unity game engine for months with little progress.
I decided to take a break from that terrible hot mess and update our SDL2 video game “LettersFall”.
Game is 100% cross-platform open-source.
Game builds and runs on Windows, Linux, & macOS(never tired).

You can get the game(including full source code) by visiting the official webpage below:

Many years ago I used SDL and it helped me become a better game designer.
This updated game release is my “Thank You!” to the SDL community…


Jesse “JeZxLee”
Fallen Angel Software


Sorry, a little bug was in the game:
[High Score] screen game mode switching was incorrect.
It has been fixed and the URL link above has been updated…


Hi Again,

I was on Windows 10 Pro 64Bit for a few months when I made above post…

I recently installed Kubuntu Linux.
Just noticing now that the game builds on Linux with included makefile, but it does not run?
(it can’t find image/sound effect/music resources - which works fine on Windows?)

We’ve updated the GitHub page below:

Can someone who uses Linux download above project in GitHub and let us know what is wrong?
If you run it from terminal, you will see debugging information…

Thanks in advance!



Seems to be an issue with below file:

The first number above is the array index.
Second text is the file’s path and file name.

We use text files to store image/sound effect/music file information.
Again, it works perfect on Windows, but errors out when run on Linux:

Image loading failed: Couldn’t open /home/jlp/Desktop/VM-SHARE/LettersFall5/data/visuals/Screen-Fade-Black-Box.png

Hoping someone knows how to fix this on Linux, thanks!



Was an issue with End Of Line (EOL).
After we switched the files to Linux EOL it ran on Linux and still worked on Windows.
Game has been updated…