SDL2 OSX Right click problem


I’m finding that SDL2 is not producing any right-click events on OSX.

It used to work when the development branch was still called SDL1.3 but at some point since then, it’s stopped entirely.

Using the “testgl2” test app in the test directory with --info all I can clearly see that no event at all is being generated. Left click events are fine

SDL EVENT: Mouse: button 1 pressed at 353,282 in window 1

And various other things work fine (mouse move events, mouse wheel events, and so on).

Googling around the topic I see quite a lot of reference to the idea that right mouse events don’t get passed to the “responder chain” (I don’t know much about Cocoa I’m afraid, so I’m not sure I know what that means). I can see that in SDL_cocoawindow.m there is an attempt to override rightMouseDown with the comment

/* The default implementation doesn’t pass rightMouseDown to responder chain */

…but this override is never being called (I added a printf to see).

Any ideas?