SDL2 "PacDude Hero 100%" Beta Open-Source!

SDL2 “PacDude Hero 100%” Beta Open-Source!


We are proud to announce the Beta release of our SDL2 video game: “PacDude Hero 100%”.
Game is 100% cross-platform open-source and features our “GT-R Twin TurboCharged” 2D video game engine.

You can download the complete project at below URL link:
(Windows EXE, Linux makefile, game resources, and complete source code)

Linux build dependencies:

  • GCC
  • SDL2 + dev
  • SDL2_Image + dev
  • SDL2_Mixer + dev
  • SDL2_TTF + dev

The game is not live on our site yet.
Please download and play it and tell us about any problems or suggestions for improvement.

Here are some screenshots:
[Image: ][Image: ]

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