SDLucid announcement

Hey y’all,

I’d like to let you know that a new C++ wrapper for SDL is now available -
mine! :slight_smile: It’s called SDLucid, and it aims to not only be a wrapper, but
also to offer a cleaner interface than the original SDL as well as more
functionality. Examples of such additional functionality are

  • fonts
  • PNG loading
  • graphical primitives
  • builtin mixing
  • MOD/MP3 playing
  • affine transformations on surfaces

Of course, that stuff is already available in different SDL_something
libraries, but IMHO the benefit in SDLucid’s case is integration.
Also, I guess you’d like to see some proof of where SDLucid’s interface
is cleaner - for example, to play an audio stream, all you need is:

audio_manager audio;
ifstream mod_file(“whatever.mod”);
audio.addStream(new audio_mod_stream(mod_file));;

Or to automatically convert a surface for fastest possible blitting,
whether it contains alpha or not:


If you want more, just have a look at examples/ in the

You can find SDLucid at, if you’d like to
contact me, just write to inducer at


PS: Sam, could you please add SDLucid to the SDL-related library listing?