SetIcon and toggle full screen

Hello everyone, I have some questions :

  1. I can’t get SDL_WM_SetIcon to work in Linux (RH8.0) or Win32 (W98SE).
    I’m passing a correctly loaded surface and no mask. Since the function
    doesn’t have a return value, I have no idea about what is going on, or
    if SDL thinks the operation succeeded. What should I do? I mean, is
    there something to do before debugging inside SDL itself?

  2. Not a problem, actually. SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen doc says it’s not
    supported yet for Win32. Are there any plans to support it anytime soon?

  3. There’s no support for per-pixel AND per-surface alpha. I want a
    non-rectangular image (with per-pixel alpha) to fade out, and setting
    the surface alpha seems the logical way to do so. I’m sure there are
    good reasons why this isn’t supported. So, what would be the correct way
    to do this? Is using a colorkey the only option? BTW, I’m currently
    using some hand-made functions to handle the alpha channel separately -
    namely, extract the alpha channel to a new surface as grayscale to
    manipulate it, and set the alpha channel for a surface from another
    grayscale surface. It involves some bit twiddling but it’s pretty easy
    to do, however, it would be much better to have some standard
    SDL_something functions instead.

Thanks in advance,

Lic. Gabriel Gambetta
ARTech - GeneXus Development Team
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