Setting the window to fullscreen in android with SDL2

I have this code:


		std::cout << "SDL init success\n";

		m_pWindow = SDL_CreateWindow(title, xpos, ypos, width, height, flags);

When fullscreen variable is setted to true then variable flags is setted to SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN and window should become a fullscreen, right? But, it seems it doesn’t work in the android emulator. Besides, I don’t understand why I have to add width and height variables to the SDL_CreateWindow function if I have setted flags to fullscreen. Where am I wrong?


I have changed SDL_SetRenderDrawColor(m_pRenderer, 255, 255, 255, 255); to SDL_SetRenderDrawColor(m_pRenderer, 0, 255, 255, 255); and see that fullscreen works. It looks like my program use width and height from SDL_CreateWindow function and render only tiles in width*height area. I have misunderstood the issue.

Sorry for flooding.