Severely Off Topic - Need Tests On OS X/iOS


I don’t know where else to ask, so I came here.
Can someone do the following tests:

  1. Run below URL in Mac OS X Safari
  2. Run below URL in iPhone Safari
  3. Run below URL in iPad Safari

I need to know if the new game engine works 100% on above 3 platforms.
Does it run? Do the music and sound effects work? Is the game playable? How is the speed?



Appears to work correctly on iPhone Safari (iPhone SE, iOS 10.3) and macOS Safari (macOS 10.12). Don’t have an iPad to try at the moment.

(EDIT: Speed, music, etc all seem fine. Nothing looked obviously wrong.)


Ok, thanks for testing!

We are trying to get Android multii-touch on screen working…
(not going well, but we will sort it out eventually)

Thanks again!


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