Shader problem when recreating a texture for d3d9 device

Hi, I am the owner of C Media Player app and i really like to use SDL2 in my app. With version 2.0.10, When playing a media file in the app, if you a user wants to change the scale quality in the app, a shader problem occours when recreating a texture for direct3d renderer. There is no problem for direct3d11 renderer. I already fixed this issue by editing the source code of SDL library in SDL_render_d3d.c source file in the function D3D_CreateTexture at line 554 by adding those pieces of code:

if (data->drawstate.shader)
const HRESULT result = IDirect3DDevice9_SetPixelShader(data->device, data->drawstate.shader);
if (FAILED(result)) {
return D3D_SetError(“IDirect3DDevice9_SetPixelShader()”, result);

If you push this patch, it would be nice for everyone who needs this patch.

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Thanks in advance