Sharing the Dev-C++ project files for 1.3

Awesome, thanks!

katz wrote:> I made an SDL 1.3 compilation project for Windows and I’d like to share it for others who prefer it instead of other IDEs.
Extract in the same folder as the “include” and “src” folders.

Requires Win32Api package from package manager.

Requires sal.h from Windows SDK ( (or Visual Studio packages) to be copied in the default “include” folder of Dev-C++

You have to compile the SDL project first as “Win32 Static Lib” then change it to “Win32 DLL” from the project options and compile without cleaning, otherwise it will not link!
Created with wxDev-C++ (a continuation of the project by other people), but should be fully compatible.

I think it should be added to the SVN if it proves stable.

-Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC