Simple init request

i’m working with SDL, and have a simple request. SDL tracks
which parts have been initialized in an internal variable
"SDL_initialized" (in SDL.c)

part of my library would like to know what has been
initialized. currently, i’m keeping track of this with
my own similar variables. i’m having some woes with this
that would be much simpler to workaround if i could just
query SDL what has been initialized.

i couldn’t find a method to do this, so i’m writing
this and hoping it can make 1.1.4 :]

warning, this has been grossly untested, but i have
confidence in it.

int SDL_IsInitialized(Uint32 flags)
return SDL_initialized&flags == flags;

this allows more encapsulation than simply making the
global SDL_initialized exportable. this routine also
needs to be placed in the header files, and in
src/main/win32/exports/SDL.def (if doesn’t
take care of this?)

ahh, something so simple will help out so much.
can someone with CVS write access help me out?
(ps, please change the routine name to match any
naming convention i was previously unaware of, thanks)