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you can still take your OOP theory and
apply it to C code. Its not really easy
to do, but remember the original C++
compilers converted from C++ to C and then
did the compiling. I’m not advocating
the use of C code over C++. I now believe
firmly in the use of C++. Modern compilers
can now produce code just as efficient as
a program was written in C.

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No flame wars please! Is just a question.
It’s funny, initially OOP was so obscure for me, but now I can’t think a
solution withouth it. I tryed to design an strategy game a few months ago
to use C structs, when I noticed that SDL was written in C, but I had to
give it up (maybe that time I didn’t knew enough). Now I have been studing
Freecraft source and it is written in C, that have teached me a lot.
Would be interesting to know which language was used to write WarC, StarC
and AOE, and also RPGs like Diablo and Fallout.
What I exactly want to know now is in what cases C++ is “slightly” less
portable than C, because C++ seems to be definitely my choice (I have
dedicated to it a lot of time in the last year).

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