Slightly more frames than monitor refresh rate

Hi all,
It seems like I’m getting SDL_Flip to block on my monitor’s refresh rate, but
if so, I’m getting too many frames a second. I’m trying to understand why and
what could and should be done about it.

I’m getting up to 111 frames/second with a monitor (hp 1730) that the
manufacture reports can refresh at up to 76Hz and display properties reports
that the refresh rate is at 76Hz and CPU is at 10% when animating a 300x300
image across the screen. SDL (definately seems like it) is blocking at
SDL_Flip to wait, apparently, for the refresh to finish. SDL_Flip is taking 9
milliseconds when doing nothing else but flipping. It should take longer -
about 13 milliseconds.

Intel 865 graphics
Intel P4 2.4GHz
Fedora Core 2 (Linux 2.6.5)
set at millions of colors (32 bits), and 1280x1024.

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