SMPEG (0.4.4) with SDL_mixer(1.2.5): No Sound


sorry to disturb, but I have a question regarding SMPEG 0.4.4 and
SDL_mixer 1.2.5 und Linux 2.4.x (Suse 8.1):
I have a programme (no game) which plays MP3 via SDL_mixer and on user
request a small mpeg video with sound. If I play a mp3 before I start
the video, all is well, if I try to play a mp3 after that, nothing can
be heard, playing the video again plays the sound of the video but mp3
won’t be heard again without restarting the programme.
What I do:

  1. Initialization:
    if ( SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_AUDIO) < 0 )

    if (Mix_OpenAudio(44100, AUDIO_S16, 2, 2048) < 0)


  2. Playing the mp3 (plays fine):
    Mix_Chunk V_MA_music = Mix_LoadMUS(p_sfx);
    if ( V_MA_music != NULL )
    Play and then exit */

  3. Playing the video:

This is ripped from the plaympeg.c demo of the smpeg package, basically
I do (V_MA_Audio is true, if Audio was init, else false). Works fine
sound can be heard, allways:
SMPEG V_MI_mpeg = SMPEG_new(“film.mpg”, &info, (V_MA_Audio ? 1 :
if (V_MA_Audio)
SMPEG_enableaudio(V_MI_mpeg, 1);
else SMPEG_enableaudio(V_MI_mpeg, 0);
SMPEG_enablevideo(V_MI_mpeg, 1);
update does SDL_Flip(screen) /
SMPEG_setdisplay(V_MI_mpeg, screen, NULL, update);
SMPEG_scaleXY(V_MI_mpeg, width, height);
SMPEG_move(V_MI_mpeg, 100, 100);
Play it, and wait for playback to complete */
done = 0;
while ( ! done && ( SMPEG_status(V_MI_mpeg) == SMPEG_PLAYING) )
SDL_Event event;

        while (SDL_PollEvent(&event) )
              /* Break loop if SDLK_Escape was pressed */
    V_MI_mpeg = NULL;
  1. Playing a mp3 (see 2. but I can’t hear a thing)
  2. Playing video is ok with sound

What I have tried:

  • Not Loading MUSic but Chunks (converted mp3 -> wav), same effect
  • Tested if sound / music is playing ->
    printf(“music is%s playing.\n”, Mix_PlayingMusic()?"":" not");
    says is playing
  • Setting volume to max (nothing can be heard).
  • Reinitiliazing audio subsystem:
    No effect

I’m currently really out of ideas, I would be grateful for any help you
could offer