SMPEG volume-control not working during playback

Hi all,
One of the developers on the JEDI-SDL mailing list is getting a
segfault when he tries to change the volume of an MP3 while it is
playing. Is this a known limitation of SMPEG or are there a series of
steps that must be followed before changing the volume during playback.

He says “It seems to work ok prior to playing (i.e. as
used in the SMPEG example program), but this was not good enough (I
needed in-playback volume control). Therefore, I used a DSO library that
let me manipulate the Linux Open Sound System mixer device, and this
permits workable volume control.”

This seemed to me to be a very long-winded process just to get workable
realtime volume control. Can anyone shed some light on what might cause
such a segfault to accur? and if there is a nicer work-around.


Dominique Louis := for all your Delphi/Kylix game development