[Solved] Creating a template from my base SDL Game project in Visual Studio

LOL: Sorry I solved it myself just browsing through the Visual Studio options. Its was perfectly placed inside the Project options under Export Template … HAHAH!

Hi guys, I have started to teach myself C++ for game development (and hopefully further into other computer programming eventually).

I’ve got a fair bit of experience using Unity/LibGDX/Xna and some other bits n bobs down the years, but I am still very much a newbie and learning the basics still, especially with C++.

Basically, I had a tiny bit of trouble setting up my new project with a game window using SDL. But I have it working now, it was all the dependencies and also I may have used the incorrect runtime binary (x64 cough!)

I want to make a few little games using SDL, but right now I can only think to literally copy-paste my Project files in Windows Explorer, rename them, open the copies in VS2017, or otherwise simply do all the steps every time.

I figured there is probably a way to save some kind of “New SDL Project Template” that I can create but when i search online, all i can is instructions of how to have multiple projects inside one solution.

What would you experienced users suggest I do here?

Thanks for reading and any help.