Some sdl stuff

Hello all,
I’m not really using sdl (I’m using ffmpeg which may use SDL), but to get it working with my setup I had to do some changes.
I’m using static lib unicode build and it seems that entire sdl written in a way that it’s ANSI only for win32 (even though it supports unicode build for winCE)
So, in many places where it uses ifdef _WIN32_WCE it really should be ifdef _UNICODE
In many places in windows it will have to be TCHAR or (WCHAR) instead of wchar_t

Also, I compared my current copy of sdl with latest 1.3 svn version and I have a question.
in 1.2 it was:

static void BlitBto1(SDL_BlitInfo *info)

in 1.3 it became:

static void
BlitBto1(SDL_BlitInfo * info)

So, the question is… who and why decided to use the most retarded function name formatting?? :slight_smile: Seriously, I hate it. Also, I saw in many places lines were wrapped to 80 chars. Why would you do so: before a line of code was perfectly readable and in 1.3 it became split in two lines. I personally think it’s perfectly ok to assume that development won’t be happening on 80-char-wide constrained monitors and if there is no specific reason to wrap a line (for code readability purposes for example) then it should not be wrapped.

And the last point. What happened to symbian port? Even though I extremely hate symbian, I don’t see a reason to drop it in 1.3 (unfortunately symbian isn’t dead yet).

I might be interested in winCE port of SDL. I want to use png with alpha channel and do some effects with them, but the native device dependent bitmaps do not support 32bit images (most wince devices are RGB565). However, it seems that OpenglES supports 8888 textures and many current devices use hardware accelerated opengles implementations. That means that I might probably get hardware optimization if I use openglES on WinCE. So, the question is: is there openglES for winCE support? If I used 8888 images and did blitting with SDL would I get hardware acceleration (on WinCE)?