Someone who uses C# SDL please - Re: important SDL BUG : Key

SDL 1.2 works out the box with Visual C++ instead of using Visual C# just download Visual C++ there pretty similar so you should have a similar feel. Or you could download the whole Visual Studio and it has compatibility for other languages. Either way as long as you have Visual C++ installed you can run it, and theres instructions on how to link the library included. BTW you can make .NET apps and other apps with Visual so its not only .NET You can also download mercurial and get the latest SDL from there but you will have to compile the entire source and you could try out SDL 2.0 that has better performance but still development.

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BUG : Keyboard and Mouse classes dont work : Please HELP!!!
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Thanks to you, Jared
I also found out, searching the Internet, that C# SDL (or SDL.NET) is not
supported at all !!! … and as one of you told me, the forum or chat of C#
SDL Main page is not alive
Well, fortunately, I also know C (plain C, not C++) … I used the
DJGPP(C/C++ for DOS) for a time, but it s no longer suported in any actual

Here you said you use C now, so, if I shift to C I won t have problems? What
C Development Environment (or Compiler, or SDK) should I use? There is a
Visual C/C++ for .NET? (because I m used to Visual Studio s nice Editor) …

Well, I didn’t say that there won’t be problems, bugs even pop up in
SDL 1.2 on occasion, but almost everything is already fixed.

As for the compiler suite you should use, I use MinGW/MSys, so you
should really ask someone who uses a gui. :wink:

However, there are several free open source IDEs, and Microsoft also
provides one called MSVC++ (the C# version you’re used to started out
with the C and C++ versions). However, .Net is not directly available
through C or C++, you have to use Microsoft’s proprietary
compatibility system for C++. If you really want .Net, then you might
as well just use the compatibility system to provide your own SDL
wrapper for C#.

Fortunately, the C version of SDL is fully compatible with C++, so if
you don’t need stuff from .Net, then you can go that route (though I
think MSVC++ is written in C#, so if that’s what you were talking

Where can I get SDL for C?
Thank you

The primary SDL site is here: . If you look to
the side, under “Downloads” it says “SDL 1.2” and “SDL HG”. The first
is a link to a download page, the second is a link to a SCM page. The
already released stuff is in the first link, the in-development stuff
is in the second link.

About my game, now I m writting a new version, … now it s much better,
nothing to do with the first version
I returned to using the Events class loop, and it worked again, but I still
want to be able to use Threads and ignore that Events loop, … that is, to
handle my own loops, like this

for ( ; ; )
??? ReadKbrd();
??? DrawGame();

I don’t know C#, but I assume that by this point they’ve provided a
thread-safe queue container (first-in, first-out). If you have the
event handlers just store event messages into that container then you
should be able to pull them out in your own loop in another thread.

That having been said, I don’t know C#, or how SDL# implemented their
wrapper, so this might not work. The only way to know is to
investigate it.

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