Sorry to keep pounding on about this sound but

Is this the correct forum to ask questions about SDL_Mixer? Hopefully,
it is… Now I don’t know if this is leading to any of my problems, but
I have noticed something rather peculiar. If I fail Mix_OpenAudio, and
I exit the program with or without Mix_CloseAudio, I am left with an
open socket in /tmp/.esd/socket. This failure is due to a user not
allowed to use sound trying to start the sound device with
Mix_OpenAudio. However, once a user that can use the device, say root,
goes in and runs the same program, after exiting the program presto the
socket is gone. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been years since
I’ve dealt with sockets, but isn’t a socket associated with a process
much like shared memory, message queues and the like, now if they are
running around without a master to guide them, couldn’t they do some
really messed up stuff, or at least cause some form of leaking? Again,
long time since I’ve known anything about sockets, so please someone
enlighten me on this one.