Sound sampling rate - noises

Hello everybody,

I’m new on the list and already got the first problem.

I’m writing sound drivers for UFO:Alien Invasion
( )- the sdl sound works good on some machines -
but on some other the samples are not power of two (driver is producing

these are some infos from a working system:
1 stereo
2048 samples
130048 samplepos
16 samplebits
1 submission_chunk
48000 speed
0x1a137fd0 dma buffer
]cvarlist snd

  • M sndbits “16”
  • M sndspeed “”
  • M sndchannels “2”
  • M snddevice “default”
  • snd_ref "sdl"


on none working systems the samples are 1880 e.g.

How can i fix this? You can have a look at the code at:

the driver loader is here:

thanks you any help and any advice

UIN: 68877410
Jabber: @Martin_Gerhardy
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