Source code, Runtime Libraries, Development Libraries

Source code is the actual source code for SDL. When you compile it, it will
create the SDL libraries (binary) and the header files, etc.

Runtime libraries are the actual SDL source code compiled into a binary.
They are required if you want to run a program that requires SDL, but you are
not actually developing software which requires SDL.

Development libraries are required (as well as the runtime libraries) if you
will be developing software that uses SDL. It normally consists of header
files, etc, that would not normally be required for running an SDL program.

Think of the Java Runtime Environment vs. the Java Software Development Kit
as a comparison.

SteveOn April 11, 2002 02:07 pm, you wrote:

Can anyone explain the difference between the three categories “sourc
code”, “Runtime Libraries” and “Development Libraries” listed in the
download section?

(everything I found out is, that “Development Libraries” is a part of
"Runtime Libraries"…)