Spanning an SDL surface across 2 monitors on XP

A couple of people asked the following question on our mailing list and
I was wondering if anyone else has a solution…

I’m currently having
difficulties getting a full-screen SDL surface to span two monitors
from a Radeon 9800 128MB card running off my XP PC.

When I try to make an SDL surface that covers two monitors I get a
surface extending half the width (whatever the pixel resolution) of
my secondary monitor. I also get some flickering noise pattern on
the second display.

I’ve tried playing with the pixel resolution of the two displays
(UXGA down to XGA) and refresh rates (100 down to 60 Hz) without
success. I know my code is OK as I’ve tested it on a dual-head
Nvidia system without problem. The latest ATI Catalyst driver
doesn’t help either…

Anyone got any further suggestions?
Thanks a lot


i need to create a full-screen mode dual-head display, e.g.

Using SDL under linux, it works perfectly well, all you have to do
is set the desired resolution and it works beautifully either in
windowed or full screen mode.( I am using a GeForce card with


with the same hardware and SDL commands under windows (XP), it


works in windowed mode. when attempting to run in full-screen mode
(SDL_FULLSCREEN) the image is displayed ONLY on the primary

monitor,>> and is squashed horizontally. Can anyone tell me how to make it


I’d be extremely grateful for any help here!