SparkGL - new 16-bit graphics library for SDL


Hello fellow coders,

I have written a very simple and easy to use graphics library for 16 bpp
graphics called SparkGL. It works with SDL and many other graphics
display systems (DirectX, svgalib etc). You pretty much just gotta
re-assign a couple of pointers to use it with any display system.
SparkGL is simple enough for newbies to use, yet powerful enough for
sophisticated games. It is probably most useful to make role playing
games and strategy games. It has an API very much like SDL’s, but
somewhat simplified, and a bit more consistant. It comes with a few
demos to get you started, which include:

3D Starfield <- Very cool!
2D Starfield
hello world
image explosion!
balls - (bouncing pixels / boxes (edit the #ifdef’s in the source))

SparkGL home page:

Have fun,

Paul Lowe
spazz at