Sprite Polygonal Contour

Hello everybody,

I’m inviting you to try a little piece of software
that I wrote recently.

It is a sprite polygonal contour extractor. What it takes
as input is a sprite image (with a colorkey set on the image
as it is done in pngs), with a contour containing no holes.
What it means is that the each pixel of the contour is
fully connected with its neighbors.

The output is a sorted list of vertices (clockwise or counter-clockwise),
defining the contour. The set of vertices is minimal in the sense
that when the slope doesn’t change, only the extremities are listed.

It is packaged as a static lib, and if you want to run the demos
(automatically built in the Makefile), you will need:

SDL 1.2

Here is the SVN repository (read only):

I’m eager to read your comments,