Stdout.txt and stderr.txt?


When SDL is used under Windows, it creates these two files, which are
quite irritating
since they don’t bring anything useful to the program.

I know this is done in WinMain (in src/win32/SDL_main.c) and have
commented it out without
problems. Of course, you can’t see anything outputed to stdout or stderr
in a GUI app.,
but then you can solve that by running it with appname > out.txt.

Is there sufficient reason for the existance of these files, or is it
something forgotten
from ancient days of debugging?

If anyone (Sam?) finds them unneccesary, I’ll be happy to provide a
patch (not much) for
getting rid of it.

(One possibility would be to do stderr = stdout, since stderr is, what I
have heard, hard
to send to files with the > operator)


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“ui.c:130: storage size of ‘sanity’ isn’t known”
- outputted error from GNU make, and a pretty good description of


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