Still can't save BMP :((( what's wrong with it?

Dear SDL users,
One of you guys has posted a message with a code to show how to
export an OpenGL surface to BMP. This was the fifth kind of code I’ve
tried so far and still doesn’t work. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.
I’ve been trying to solve this for about a month and still don’t know
why it doesn’t work. I uploaded my full Visual C++ source code to the
following URL:

I’d be extremely grateful if someone looked at this code and helped me
solve this. There’s an “Export BMP --> Export” in the menu. Clicking
on “Export” calls CMainFrame::OnExportbmpExport() for saving. It
would be important for one of my projects and I’m stuck at this point.
I’m a newby to SDL, it shouldn’t be a real problem for an experinced
SDL programmer… at least I hope so…
Please help, this mailing list is my very last chance to get over this
problem… :frowning:
My email addresses are:
michnay at
michnay at

T H A N K S !!!

Best Regards,