Strange MacOS X request

Is there any MacOS X game developer who would be willing to install
FreePascal on their working SDL installation to do a test compilation of
a Pascal project?

I ask here because the FreePascal MacOS X dude, just can’t seem to get
SDL installed and working on his MacOS X system and he used the Fink
option suggested in the previous thread.

The steps involved would be ( assuming SDL is already installed and
working )…

  1. Install FreePascal for MacOS X ( ~11.3 MB and available as a *.dmg
    file from )

  2. on the command line compile the Pascal port of Aliens ( which I can
    send over ). The Pascal Aliens demo already compiles and runs on Win32,
    Linux and FreeBSD and it would be nice to add MacOS support to that.

  3. Test the game and report any errors or problems.

I would think that steps 2 and 3 should take all of 5 minutes.

If anyone can help out, please email me.

Dominique := go on, write a game instead;