Strange mouse behavior with wacom tablet

I was using the following code to see how the wacom tablet behaved as a

SDL_GetMouseState(&mouseX, &mouseY);

Where the DrawPixel function is copied directly from the documentation.

When I use this function with the mouse, it behaves as expected. That
is, a pixel appears in the center of the screen and then follows the
mouse movement. (I am somewhat concerned that the pixels don’t get
cleared, but I suspect this has to do with the locking and unlocking of

When I use the wacom tablet, any motion moves the cursor to the nearest
corner of the screen. Any further motion is only along the edge of the
screen. When I divide the position by 2, I get the same effect, but
only in the top left quarter of the screen, as expected. The problem
is thus likely with the input. In windows, the wacom tablet acts just
like a mouse, so shouldn’t it act similarly in a simple SDL program?

Thanks in advance for any help…

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