Strange Problem in FullScreen to Windows in SDL 1.2.8 (1.2.6 works fine)

Hi all,

I switch beteen window to Fullscreen mode as suggested here

It is working well in SDL 1.2.6. Now in SDL1.2.8 , this code,
gives me a problem.

(Esc to minimize, ALt-Escape to close, Alt Enter to switch betwn window-FS)

The switch works well before minimizing the window. When Iconifying the
window from WMode there is no problem. But when in FS mode, If I iconify the
game, it returns to FS mode, but never returns to WMode. When I press
Alt-Enter to switch to WMode, the desktop appears, the game has no window,
just a active-minimised-icon (ALt enter works here to switch to the FS