Hello out there!

Due to some traffic on the list concerning surface stretching i
decided to release a new version of my stretchdemo!

This one contains a library called SDLStretch (now LGPL) which can
be used to stretch a region of a surface to an another one.
(Similar to the blit function but honouring the source and
destination rectangles).

Additionally you can provide a color lookup table to do some sort of
color conversion or just color manipulation. (See the demo).

Calling the function is quite simple:

SDL_StretchSurface(SDL_Surface* src_surface, SDL_Rect* src_rect, SDL_Surface* dst_surface, SDL_Rect* dst_rect, Uint32* voiLUT = NULL);

But be aware, there is no default color conversion for stretching
between surfaces having different color depths.

So please, get it, try it, and report your experience!

I hope that little baby is quite useful for some people.


Ahh,… the url: