Support for stereo OpenGL contexts

I’d like SDL to be able to open stereo contexts for OpenGL. Like:

SDL_GL_SetAttribute( SDL_GL_STEREO, 1 );

It also would be great to have implementation of this for win32, linux and
SGI. When SDL starts supporting multiple windows, it would be very nice to
have support for CAVE like system. I had a quick look to VR juggler source
and there are things like:

// Create hardware group
#ifdef VJ_OS_IRIX
for(i=0;i<glx_wins.size();i++) // For each window
if(glx_wins[i] != this) // If not me
{ //then add with me to the swap group
glXJoinSwapGroupSGIX(x_display, x_window, glx_wins[i]->x_window);

vjDEBUG(vjDBG_ERROR,0) << “WARNING: createHardwareSwapGroup not supported.\n” << vjDEBUG_FLUSH;

– Timo Suoranta – @Timo_K_Suoranta