Switched to ALSA -> no sound

I recently upgraded my motherboard. The new one comes with a VIA C8233
audio chip. The oss drivers in the kernel (2.4.20) didn’t seem to work,
so I downloaded ALSA, compiled, installed, and voila, XMMS sounds again.

My SDL projects, however, don’t. Audio initialization fails. I have no
clue about where to start looking for problems - I really don’t know
much about how sound works under Linux (oh, the shame…). If it’s worth
anything, cat >/dev/dsp now gives an error message.

Any help is appreciated!

PS : I also upgraded SDL to 1.2.5 which says “support for ALSA 0.9”

Lic. Gabriel Gambetta
ARTech - GeneXus Development Team
ggambett at artech.com.uy