"T-Crisis 3 100% A.I.?" On Top 10 List On www.Download.com!

“T-Crisis 3 100% A.I.?” On Top 10 List On www.Download.com!!


My team and I created an open-source cross-platform multi-player Tetris? game
the uses: SDL 1.2, SDL_Image, SDL_Mixer, SDL_TTF, & OpenGL?.

We released the game on cnet?'s www.Download.com website
and we are happy to report that the game is on the top 10 list for Windows? puzzle games!

Was hoping some of you could download, play, and maybe write some reviews on the site?

You can view the game on cnet? here:

Here are some screenshots:
[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/TC3100CPU/images/T-Crisis_Title.png ][Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/TC3100CPU/images/T-Crisis_InGame.png ]

I also created a portfolio with this game and will be mailing out 5 to various video game companies in NYC.
[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/TC3100CPU/images/JessePalserPortfolio1.png ]

Many thanks!------------------------
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