Terrain Alteration dr2 release

The management is proud to announce the second alpha release of
"Terrain Alteration", an artillery-style game in the tradition of
Scorched Earth, Tank Wars, and Digital Vendetta. While there are other
games of this type available, Terrain Alteration attempts to be more
visually interesting than the competition. Terrain Alteration does not
seek to be a clone, but rather a game with similar play but unique
features. These features include:

-Arbitrary images as foreground and background
-Unique weapons, including Starburst and Fuel-Air explosives
-Fully graphical UI
-Modular weapons interface; add weapons without recompiling
-Up to 10 human players (AI not yet implemented)
-Widget framework, which may be useful in other applications

Changes since the last release include:

-Vastly improved modular weapons interface, with documentation
-Variants on existing weapons
-MIRV-type weapons
-Random turn ordering
-Converted timing functions to use SDL

Terrain Alteration currently works only under Linux.  TA is developed

with kernel 2.2.14, XFree86 v4.0, SDL 1.0.9, SDL_image 1.0.6, FreeType
1.2, and SDL_ttf 1.0.2. Other UNIX platforms may or may not work.
Non-UNIX platforms probably won’t work, as TA requires libdl for weapon

Testing, reviews, and commentary are appreciated.  Terrain Alteration

can be found at:


Nathan Yawn