Testing audio conversions in SDL


I would like to know if anybody has started working on some program to
test the audio conversions built in SDL. It appears there is something
buggy in it when I use it on Atari (m68k platform, big endian). So either
the drivers I wrote for the system are buggy, or the functions are. Even
with 8 bit audio, I don’t have clear sound.

I need a program which can generate a sound in any format (8/16,
signed/unsigned, mono/stereo), so I can test each conversion function. So
if nobody as started something like that, I would write one.

Alternatively, I could convert a sample file with sox, but the loopwave
SDL program has some hardcoded values for its audio replay, so not very
suitable for me.–
Patrice Mandin
WWW: http://membres.lycos.fr/pmandin/
Programmeur Linux, Atari
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