"TetriCrisis 4 100% A.I."-Win/Linux-Beta#2

“TetriCrisis 4 100% A.I.”-Win/Linux-Beta#2


My team and I are proud to present
the official Beta # 2 of out cross-platform open-source game
called “TetriCrisis 4 100% A.I.”

Game runs on ALL Windows® and ALL Linux computer systems.

Official URL Download:
( Windows® EXEcutable/Linux makefile with full source code )

Game uses:

  • SDL 1.2, SDL_Image, SDL_Mixer, SDL_TTF
  • OpenGL®

This will probably be the last beta.
A Release Candidate will be released soon after feedback and thorough testing.

Anyone who helps with this game project will get their name in the staff credits!

[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/T-C-4/images/TC4-InGame-Full.png ]
[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/T-C-4/images/T-C-4-Title.png ]------------------------
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