This does not help me a lot, but thank you anyway - still have the same problem though

Brian Barrett <brian.ripoff> writes:

My code is available at the first post of this thread. FullBlit is also defined
and declared in that post (the first I ever posted on this forum). I am using
almost the same approach as you advised me to write. I checked my background
surface and it is not NULL. I guess I will have to wait for better version of
"focus on sdl", by Lamotte. Anyway, I would like to thank for your answer. I
don’t know what is wrong. When I use DrawPlentyOfTiles(screen) (by uncommenting
SDL_Flip(s)), I can see the tiles, so there is nothing wrong with my drawing
routines. But I dont want to perform pixel by pixel drawing for the background
while inside the while loop. That is why I’m drawing on a software surface
first, before the loop, so then, when I’m inside the loop, I only have to blit
the background on the screen, and that should be faster. But I can’t see
anything, except a black flickering screen. So I’m stuck. So I need some more
help. Please help me, and remember that all my code is at the beginning of this
thread. Thank you for your help.