Thoughts on my github?

Hello !

I just wanted to post my code since I recently figured out how to get GitHub to work. It is for my game Araka!

It is a Sci-Fi Action adventure. You can check it out on tigsource and it also has links to the fb/twitter from there.

Here are the links:

I’m currently focosing on the AI. Then I’m going to add in some things like all of the level collisions, and a better way of loading levels. One thing I haven’t really cracked is a good way to “tile” the levels given that SDL2’s maximum texture size is ~2000 X 2000. I’m trying to figure out a way of just loading part of a .png file. Any advice for that?

I’m planning a big factor soon. On the agenda are reorganizing/commenting the code,splitting the source, adding in time indepeandant rendering. Using more of the standard contatiner classes, implementing dynamic memory, and optimizing. I also need to make the code scalable so I can add in more enemies and give more contextual things to the level. So much to do.


You really need to split up your Jilltest.cpp in multiple source files. As of now you have the complete code in one big source file which is a pain to read through and it’s hard to give an opinion on the code. I read through half of it and then got tired and closed it.

Fix that and then I can try helping you with the tiles and such that you have/had issues with.